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Tatra banka helps Ukrainian citizens in Slovakia

The situation on our neighbor's territory has deeply affected us and is not indifferent to us. We want to at least partially alleviate their difficult situation.

We provide a simplified process for opening a current account

Our services are fully available to citizens of Ukraine, which provide them with access to financial resources, in particular card payments and withdrawals from ATMs. Tatra banka's ATMs are also available in English and Ukrainian.

You can open an account at any Tatra banka branch. To open an account, a confirmation of tolerated stay (so-called expatriate/temporary refuge) and a document containing a photo, name, surname, date of birth, information on permanent residence and nationality is sufficient.

By opening the Account for blue planetTB, you will automatically receive:

  • VISA debit payment card to make payments in stores and online and to withdraw cash from ATMs
  • Unlimited number of cash withdrawals from Tatra banka ATMs and Raiffeisen banka ATMs abroad
  • One cash withdrawal from an ATM of other bank in Slovakia per month
  • Unlimited number of SEPA payment orders carried out via Internet bankingTB or Tatra banka mobile application (not applicable for payments directed outside the EU area) 
  • Placing a maintaining standing orders and collections via Internet bankingTB or Tatra banka mobile application
  • Sending account statements to e-mail
  • Unlimited number of push notification about account transactions in Tatra banka mobile application

Other services, for example providing a confirmation of account maintenance, paper account statement or other services upon request are charged according to the applicable Service charges.

The price of the Account for blue planetTB is 7 EUR per month.
We provided free account management to citizens of Ukraine until 31 December 2023.

Humanitarian aid

Since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, Tatra banka has helped not only financially, but also by providing specific assistance directly at the border with Ukraine. It provided help to colleagues from RB Ukraine and other incoming Ukrainians who faced a dangerous environment and found themselves in a desperate situation. More than 200 volunteers from its ranks did not hesitate to offer their time and energy.

As part of this humanitarian aid, the bank also offered free accommodation, transport, food and everything necessary to the people who fled to safety. This assistance was provided for a period of 3 months, followed by activities aimed at their easier adaptation and integration. Volunteers from Tatra Bank created a "buddy program" that helped Ukrainian families adapt to new conditions in a new environment. 'Friends' lent a helping hand in everyday routines, e.g. how to find a rental, get to know public transport, or they gave tips on how to spend free time to the fullest and, if possible, at least for a moment without thinking about the situation in which they found themselves.

In case of any information, do not hesitate to contact us (communication takes place only in Slovak and English):

Call *1100

If you call from a land line, dial: 0800 00 1100

If you call from abroad, dial: +421 2/5919 1000

E-mail address: [email protected]

Online chatbot Adam available nonstop

Branches and ATMs

Frequently asked questions

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