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Tatra banka

18.6.2018 11:56


New tool designed for more secure login to and
payment confirmation in Internet banking and
telephone verification when contacting the DIALOG centre.

Download ČítačkaTB Mobile App




  • the most secure access to Internet bankingTB
  • if lost or stolen your money is safe, since, unlike the GRID card, the reader is not linked to the user
  • the reader does not require installation, charging, or connection to other source
  • easy to use
  • you can have an unlimited number of readers, e.g. at home and work
About the reader

About the reader

Card&ReaderTB comprises:

  • chip payment card reader
  • ordinary payment card with a chip

Card&ReaderTB is automatically given to every new client of electronic banking.

If Card&ReaderTB was delivered by post or you applied for it at a Tatra banka branch, you can easily activate it in the Settings section of your Internet bankingTB.

ČítačkaTB on your mobile phone

Download the ČítačkaTB application on your mobile phone which can be used as easily as a SMS code. No other facility is required for login to Internet banking. You only need your mobile phone.
The application is suitable for all phones:

  • supporting Java2 Micro Edition (the majority of phones with Symbian operation system - Nokia or RIM - BlackBerry)
  • with Android operation system
  • with iOS operation system


Smaller reader. It is used for Internet banking in the same way as the standard reader. The standard reader and minireader can be used simultaneously without any change in Internet banking settings. You can apply for  a minireader at any Tatra banka branch at a cost of EUR 8.

Change to Card and Reader

Change to Card and Reader

Why have we decided to offer all clients a single tool in form of Card and ReaderTB?
The reason is the improvement of security level upon login or authorisation of payments in Internet bankingTB.

According to the obligatory procedure of exchange of the existing authentication and authorisation tools utilised in Internet banking for Card and ReaderTB defined in compliance with the Commercial Terms and Conditions of Tatra banka, a.s. for Electronic Banking, Article one, Section II, par. 7, the following procedures apply to the clients who have not been utilizing the security tool Card and ReaderTB until now:

Clients who have not logged in Internet banking in the last 12 months:

  • shall gradually be changed security settings upon login in Internet banking and authorisation of payment orders in Internet bankingTB to Card and ReaderTB. Authorised persons may apply for Card and ReaderTB at any bank branch.

Clients who have not applied for issue of Card and ReaderTB and own a suitable payment card:

  • shall receive mail with the reader. After the reader is delivered, the authorised person is obligated to immediately perform change of security settings in Internet banking to the identification, authentication and authorisation means of the Card and ReaderTB. If the authorised person fails to perform the above change in the period of 30 days after the reader delivery, the respective settings shall be changed automatically by the bank.

Clients can make a change of the security level at confirmation of payment orders into Card and ReaderTBin their Internet bankingTB, in menu "Settings - IB settings - Payment order settings”.




Login to Internet banking:

Payment order confirmation:

Batch payment order confirmation:

Code generation for the “SIGN” function:

Installation of the ČítačkaTB application on your mobile phone

Instructions for the download and installation of the application for Java2 Micro edition / RIM:

Instructions for application download and installation for Android:

Instructions for application download and installation for iPhone:

This contents is not available for the current interface.