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Card and ReaderTB

Your assistant for a secure login, payment confirmation and verification by phone when contacting the DIALOG Live call center.

Internet Banking login authorization with the Card and Reader

Most secure access to Internet bankingTB

Card Reader requires no installation and charging

Simple usage

The most secure unlimited access to Internet BankingTB

You can own more readers

Čítačka is optimized for OS Android, iOS and Windows Phone

ČítačkaTB in your mobile

Benefits of using the Card and ReaderTB

The card reader helps keep your finances safe and represents the most secure method of using Internet bankingTB.  It offers several practical benefits:   

  • the reader is easy to use,
  • it requires no installation, charging or connection to another source,
  • if you wish, you can own several readers – one at home, another at work,
  • your finances are securely protected also if it is stolen (a reader only works with a card),
  • for your full comfort, we offer you the ReaderTB mobile app, for which you only need your mobile phone.
Card and Reader helps you to secure your finance


About ReaderTB

Card and ReaderTB consists of two parts:

  • chip payment card reader,
  • ordinary chip payment card.

Each new customer of electronic banking automatically is provided a Card and Reader.

ReaderTB on a mobile phone

Download the ReaderTB app to your mobile phone and you will need no other application to sign-in to Internet bankingTB, just your mobile phone.

Always manage your finance in a safe way


Frequently asked questions

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