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Tatra banka

18.6.2018 11:56


Download application ČítačkaTB and you will login
in Internet bankingTB easier.

Get it on Google play  Available on the App Store

Get it at BlackBerry World  Download from Windows Phone Store




Application ČítačkaTB is now available also for your PC with Windows 10.

The new version offers:

  • Comprehensive redesign for iPhone, Android and Windows (including optimisation for tablets and desktop devices with Windows 10 operating system)
  • Several minor improvements (copying of generated code, possibility to set the application running in the background for simpler data copying)
  • Prolongation of time when the application is automatically signed out
  • Removal of other errors reported by the users 

The application ČítačkaTB serves for generation of codes upon login in Internet bankingTB in your computer, as well as for confirmation of payments.

It also supports the functionality of additional payment authorisation in Internet bankingTB by means of a QR code. Scanning the QR code makes payment confirmation easier, without the necessity of writing accounts and sum in ČítačkaTB. Just scan the QR code from the screen in Internet bankingTB and check payment data in ČítačkaTB.

Download ČítačkaTB application available for free.

  • In App Store for iPhone iOS 4.0 and higher
  • In Google Play for Android operating system version 2.1 and higher
  • For BlackBerry OS operating system in BlackBerry World as ČítačkaTB classic and BlackBerry 10 system as ČítačkaTB
  • in Windows 10 for operating system version 7.1 and higher

Activate the ČítačkaTB:

  • By telephone via DIALOG Live
  • At any branch
  • In Internet bankingTB





Simply said, using entropy in creating a password means evaluation of accidentality or diversity of characters (lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers ...). Both simple but strong password should therefore contain a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, at least one number and eventually other characters. A simple way to create such password is for instance to use your surname, enter some of its letters as uppercase letters and others as lowercase and add some numbers or other characters. Another way is to use first letters of a phrase, sentence or saying you remember, for instance "Password for my reader", which would be "Pfmr" and add some numbers or other characters.

Clients with smartphones with Android, iOS, Windows Phone / Windows 10  can download application ČítačkaTB from respective store.
Clients with older types of mobile telephones, owners of Nokia Symbian operating system or telephones by BlackBerry can download the application from Tatra banka website to their computer and subsequently save it by means of data cable to their telephone. In case they have prepaid data services in their mobile telephone they can download the application directly to their telephone from this website. There are two files on Tatra banka website: ČítačkaTB [.jad] ČítačkaTB [.jar]. Correct functioning of the application requires both of these files to be downloaded to the device. The installation process starts after clicking on the icon of one of the files saved in the mobile telephone.

One of the activation ways is by using the Internet bankinguTB. In the Settings tab / Reader click Activate Reader app. You can activate the application:

  • with QR code from the Internet bankinguTB
  • by copying activation text from the Internet bankingTB in your mobile device.

Precise instructions you can found in Internet bankingTB, or in your reader.
Other way of ČítačkaTB  activation is by our DIALOG Live contact centre.
Call DIALOG Live for detailed information.

ČítačkaTB  is a so-called offline application. After it is downloaded, the client needs no Internet access, voice or data services. Internet access is necessary in form of a data pay monthly plan or a short term connection via wi-fi only upon downloading the application from the shop. Clients who want to use the application on an older mobile telephone, on a device by Nokia with Symbian operating system or on a BlackBerry mobile telephone can download the application from Tatra banka website and subsequently save it by means of data cable to their telephone.