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Tatra banka

19.6.2018 04:26

SEPA in Internet bankingTB

SEPA payments

SEPA payments

What changes does SEPA bring in Internet bankingTB?


  • display of current account in Internet bankingTB in IBAN form
  • payment order in Internet bankingTB will contain new attributes: IBAN form of the account of the payer and the beneficiary and payment identification in form of payer´s reference
  • reports generated on basis of an active B-mail service will contain IBAN number of the account while reports sent to e-mail address will contain also payer´s reference for payment identification 

In case of a domestic payment order you can fill in the payer´s reference for a detailed identification of the payment, after entering a variable and/or specific and/or constant symbol the payer´s reference is filled in automatically. The beneficiary´s account number can be specified in IBAN format also, otherwise IBAN is filled in automatically after the beneficiary´s account number is entered.


With a foreign payment order, in case you send the payment in EUR and beneficiary´s IBAN is from the SEPA area, it is possible to fill in also the payer´s reference for detailed payment identification.



In case you use i:statements for accounting:

Completed fields - credit information, credit information continuation and Advice, will be displayed in i:statements in Information for beneficiary whereas credit information and credit information continuation will take priority over the Advice.

Current setting of TatraPay and CardPay services remains valid and their functionality will not be limited even after SEPA implementation on the side of the bank. Changes SEPA brings for the TatraPay service can be implemented gradually by merchants, however at latest until 1 February 2016.

SEPA direct debit

SEPA direct debit

SEPA direct debit

Make your regular payments in EUR to SEPA countries comfortably. SEPA direct debit ensures

  • with a current account in EUR you can make all your regular payments (advance payments, invoices, etc.)
  • faster payments within the territory of the majority of European countries
  • same charges like in case of domestic payments
  • no risk of payment delay

Direct debit

In connection with the implementation of a new payment scheme of SEPA Core Direct Debit, commencing on 1 February 2014 we do not provide the collection service in the form we used to provide prior to this date. The respective service has been replaced by the SEPA direct debit payment service.

  • collection authorisations granted before 1 February 2014 remain valid
  • you can choose from various levels of account access
  • collection repetition is cancelled