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Tatra banka

26.5.2018 10:17

Standard legislative account


When is it available?

  • You have no other current account with a bank in Slovakia


Banking services included in the Standard legislative account:

  • Current account maintenance in EUR with no minimum balance
  • Electronic account statements in unlimited amount and selected frequency to e-mail address
  • 1 mail account statement
  • 1 Visa Electron debit card without insurance
  • Unlimited amount of cash deposits and withdrawals in EUR at bank branches
  • Unlimited number of non-cash payment transactions in EUR within the SEPA area territory delivered
    for processing in form of a written payment order to a Tatra banka branch or delivered via Internet bankingTB, Internet bankingTB for mobile devices, VIAMO and DIALOG Live
  • Unlimited number of card payments and cash withdrawals in EUR from Tatra banka ATMs and ATMs within Raiffeisen Bank International AG1
  • Unlimited number of non-cash payment transactions in EUR by payment on basis of a standing payment order and SEPA direct debits


Account price

Account price

The charge is specified as a maximum amount of charge for a payment account with basic functionalities determined under a decree of the Ministry of Finance of the SR, currently being EUR 3.



1. The client is a natural person who, upon conclusion and performance of a contract with the bank, does not act in terms of the scope of his/her business activity or other enterprise activity, and at the same time resides in the territory of the European Union, including a consumer without residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic, asylum applicant and consumer who was not granted the residence permit but whose deportation is not possible for legal or factual reasons,
2. The client submits a written application for provision of a payment account with basic functionalities
to the bank or a branch of a foreign bank,
3. The client has no payment account with basic functionalities with the bank or a branch of a foreign bank as at the day of application submission, except for a deposit account, a monetary deposit confirmed by a passbook or except for deposit acceptance in form of a saving programme, and that upon saving by payment card, one-time saving or regular saving by transfer of financial means,
4. The bank must not provide the establishment of a Standard legislative account subject to the condition of provision of other services or offering bank shares if this condition applies to all of its clients.