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Tatra banka

26.5.2018 10:20

E-mail statement

E-mail statement is a fast and ecological delivery
method that saves your time and money.

  • Optional dispatch frequency
  • Full-value account statement
  • All statements in one place


Our tip:

Have also your credit card statement sent to your e-mail address and get many benefits.

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  • Simple method of statement delivery and archiving
    E-mail statement will be delivered to e-mail address according to your preference. You can simply download it in pfd format from your inbox and save it in your computer, mobile or tablet. This way you have your statements always at hand when you need them, transparently filed in one place.
  • Electronic form that saves the environment
    E-mail statement is activated by 171 clients every day. Since 2010 we have already saved together with our clients almost 27 million paper sheets that would otherwise be used for paper statements.
  • Free electronic delivery
    In connection with the amendment of the Service Charges effective from 1 April 2013 the paper account statement sent by post will be charged by the sum of EUR 0.90 (EUR 0.50 + postal charges) per a statement. E-mail statements will be sent for free.
  • Document for accounting
    E-mail statement contains all required information in terms of legislation requirements and therefore it can be used as an appropriate accounting document and is acceptable as a tax document.
  • Optional dispatch frequency


E-mail statement represents a full client account statement. It contains (same as statement delivered by post) all information required by the law, and as such may be used as an accounting document.

Paper statementElectronic statement

Paper statement

Electronic statement
1 EUR   0 EUR
Needs space All statements in one virtual place 
Can be damaged 
Full-value accounting document
Risk of non-delivery 
 Optional dispatch frequency


E-mail statement is sent as an encrypted PDF document, secured by a password set by you which you can change at any time. In this way your statement is protected from unauthorised persons.

E-mail statement setting

E-mail statement setting

Our tip:

Have you ordered the e-mail statement service, yet no statement has been delivered? Your e-mail account has probably classified it as spam by mistake.
Try changing the settings of your e-mail account.

You are free to change your e-mail statement setting:

  • anytime through your Internet bankingTB in the section Settings/Account Statements
  • by phone using our DIALOG service
  • in person at any Tatra banka branch