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Tatra banka

26.5.2018 10:15

Optional Overdraft

An Optional Overdraft, on which no fee is charged,
will provide a financial reserve in your service package Tatra PersonalTB
to be used at your will.

  • free of charge
  • interest charged only on actually drawn cash
  • no additional security required


  • Interest charged only on actually drawn cash
    An Optional Overdraft bears the basic interest rate for the respective product type. Interest is only charged on actually drawn cash and for the actual period of cash drawing.
  • No additional security required
    No guarantor, nor any other type of security is required for an Optional Overdraft.
  • Free of charge
    - The fee for granting an Optional Overdraft is included in the Service package fee for Tatra PersonalTB.
    - No further fee is charged on the Optional Overdraft processing.
    - No fee is charged on credit limit change.


  • Optional overdraft is offered only with Tatra PersonalTB service package.
  • Optional overdraft is offered up to EUR 3.500. The amount is revaluated regularly, depending on the amount of selected regular monthly credits of credit transactions in current account and payment discipline
  • You can select your own overdraft limit according to your preferences out of the offered limits. Just send a request for limit change via the Internet bankingTB or ask for a change by means of DIALOG Live contact centre or at any Tatra banka branch
  • Drawn limit portion is included in loan products in terms of the Reward programmeTB

Setting your own limit through Internet bankingTB
Click on the account title in the Accounts section The requested amount can not exceed the maximum limit set on the basis of a regular review.
The limit change is subject to approval by the Bank, and will be performed free of charge during the next monthly Client review.



No application is required, the Optional Overdraft is granted based on a regular review within 6 weeks of the satisfaction of the conditions for its granting.
Basic conditions for the granting of an Optional Overdraft for a current account with Service package: Tatra PersonalTB:

  • the account has existed for at least 6 whole months
  • the minimum age requirement for the holder of the account with Service Package Tatra PersonalTB is 18 years
  • regular income transferred to the account
  • using the account for everyday payments
  • no other overdraft facility granted for the current account