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Account for blue planetTB

Create a new bank account online. Thanks to the Face biometricsTB innovation, we will verify you quickly and safely.

If you open the Account for blue planetTB via the Tatra banka application or via the website now online, you will receive it for 12 months without a fee for its management.

In addition, if you transfer your account to us from another bank, you will get another 12 months without a strain for maintaining the account. You can now transfer the account online directly when opening the account or within 30 days at any Tatra banka branch.

*To open a bank account via app and Face biometry, you need a valid Slovak citizen ID.

Free Instant Card to a Tatra banka account

Digital card immediately

A bank account from TB with Internet banking and a savings account

User-friendly Internet bankingTB

Most award-winning mobile banking in the SR

Most award-winning mobile banking in the SR

An account with a discounted fee or for free with the Reward Program

Free or discounted thanks to Reward ProgramTB

Benefits of the Account for blue planetTB

Open an account with a service package, with which you automatically get unlimited:

  • access to your account easily and everywhere via award-winning Tatra banka mobile app or Internet bankingTB,
  • cashless payment transactions via Internet bankingTB, Tatra banka mobile app and VIAMO,
  • number of cash deposits and foreign currency withdrawals in Tatra banka branches,
  • SEPA direct debits and standing orders within the SR,
  • number of cash withdrawals from ATMs of Tatra banka and also withdrawals abroad from ATMs of Raiffeisen Bank International AG,
  • number of electronic statements, with number and frequency chosen by you,
  • cashless payment transactions in CZK (Czech crowns) via Internet bankingTB to the accounts of customers of Raiffeisen bank Czech Republic,
  • payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay.

New Reward programTB

You can have an account for 0 EUR for up to 24 months

How to do it:

  • You get 12 months for opening an account online,
  • and you will get a discount for another 12 months if you also transfer the old account to us.

Do you want to have an account for 0 EUR even after 2 years?
Choose other products from our offer.

Tip for you: You can now find the price for maintaining an account in the Tatra banka application form 3.9 version.

Highest discount

I use
3 other products


Account price

You get it easily

I use
2 other products


Account price

I use
1 other product


Account price

I do not use
another product


Account price

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By using these products, you will reduce the price per account

All you need is 3 products from 3 different categories and your account is for 0 EUR. You will see the categories by clicking on the individual items:

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Content of Account for blue planetTB

  • Carbon footprint of card payments
    Sometimes it is difficult to estimate the impact of our daily decisions. The new service will show you the carbon footprint of every purchase you have made with your credit card.
  • My Benefit #forblueplanet
    The more you pay with your card for products and services from the category called sustainable, the more you will get back in the form of cashback.
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Push notifications about account transactions

Push notifications serve to alert the user to an important event even when they are not using Tatra banka application. They appear on each device on which the app is enabled. Messages or notifications contain information about the deposit or withdrawal from the account, the amount and the currency of the transaction, and the last 4 digits of the account number.

Advantages of push notifications about current account transactions

  • They allow you to click directly into the app to get more detailed information about the transaction
  • You do not have to delete them as SMS because they are not stored on your mobile device
  • Changing the way you are receiving messages from SMS to push notifications is easy

You can set up push notifications on your bank account transactions via Internet bankingTB and Tatra banka mobile app. In both applications, open the menu after signing in and select the B-mail tab in Settings. Select PUSH notification as a way to deliver a message. 

How to get Account for blue planetTB

Open your new Account for blue planetTB easily via the Tatra banka mobile application or in any Tatra banka branch. All you need is your Slovak ID card.

Create an account via the Tatra banka application.

Or open it online directly from your computer.

Open account

Current account transfer

By transferring your account to us, you will receive a 100 % discount on the fee for maintaining the Account for blue planetTB for the next 12 months. Do so online directly when opening an account or within 30 days of opening it at any Tatra banka branch.

Presun účtu na 3 jednoduché kroky

1. Enter the IBAN of your old account when opening a new account in Tatra banka online.

2. We will arrange everything else for you.

You can also request an account transfer when visiting our branch.

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