Mortgage LoanTB for house, flat
and building land

Clients who opt for 3-year fixation receive an interest rate from 0.85 % per annum.

With reimbursement of costs for early repayment in another bank

With reimbursement of costs for early repayment in another bank

Favorable interest from 0.85 % p.a. at 3-year fixed-rate period

Favorable interest from 0.85 % p.a. at 3-year fixed-rate period
(representative example)

Favourable insurance of your flat, home and loan

Favourable insurance of your flat, home and loan

Mortgage specialists also available on the phone

Mortgage specialists also available on the phone

Advantages of a Mortgage LoanTB from Tatra banka

A Mortgage LoanTB from Tatra banka comes with a number of unique benefits that will make your new beginning easier.

  • The Mortgage is available up to 90 % of the security value as of 1.7.2018. If you require a higher amount of credit, you can also apply for a consumer credit with the mortgage. The bank will determine the amount of the loan and the interest rate after assessing the particular loan case, in view of the client's ability to repay the loan, the amount of the total debts to income and the offered loan security.
  • Tatra banka will provide an expert evaluation of the apartment within 24 hours.
  • A custom-tailored mortgage loan considering individual needs. Our mortgage specialists will help you with the entire mortgage loan arrangement process and you will get the final loan offer at the first meeting. Look at our guide to know what to expect.
  • Any purpose portion for anything will please those who want a mortgage loan not only to solve their housing needs but also to cover other expenses.

Along with a mortgage loan, you can get:

  • A reduced interest rate on an Consumer loanTB that you can use, for example, as additional financing for the housing or to furnish your household.

In cooperation with UNIQA insurance company you can arrange:

Vyhody HU od Tatra banky

Tax bonus

For any Mortgage loanTB concluded from 1 January 2018 you may obtain a tax bonus of up to 400 EUR.

What are the conditions for the tax bonus entitlement?

  • the tax bonus applies to ½ of the paid interest from each loan per year with the maximum bonus of 400 EUR
  • you may claim it for the period of 5 years

What do you have to fulfil to become entitled to the tax bonus?

  • age limit – up to 35 years of age (also applies to the spouse),
  • income amount – your gross monthly income for the preceding calendar year must not exceed the statutory amount.

It is possible to claim the bonus upon purchase of an apartment or house or their parts, construction or completion of a property, as well as adjustment or maintenance of a property or a combination of the aforementioned purposes.
The loan repayment period is from 5 to 30 years.

Možnosť získania daňového bonusu až do 400 EUR
A tip for you:

The entitlement to the tax bonus should be exercised at the applicable tax authority with your tax return.
You can personally pick up your tax office confirmation at any Tatra banka branch.

Where to apply for the loan

You can also arrange for your mortgage over the phone

Call center DIALOG Live

Would you rather do the whole approval process online? You can then sign the loan agreements at any Tatra banka branch. Call *1100

Visit any Tatra banka branch


Visit any Tatra banka branch where our mortgage specialists will be happy to help.

Mortgage loan/APR calculation

A loan amount for in Illustrative example of Mortgage loan

Loan amount: 50,000 EUR,
repayment term: 30 years

An interest rate in the Illustrative example of Mortgage loan

Interest rate:
0.85 % p.a.

An monthly installment in the Illustrative example of Mortgage loan

Monthly installment: 159.67 EUR

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How to manage an existing mortgage loan

There are several ways how to manage mortgage loan Take a look at the ways, how you may manage your mortgage loan

Do you belong among those who already have their mortgage loan with Tatra banka? Use the services through which you will always have your mortgage under control.

  • Via mobile app Tatra banka, Internet bankingTB and MaFin you can monitor the amount of your balance.
  • In the course of repayment you may make extraordinary installments, ask for a change of the original pledged property or defer an installment.
  • You can negotiate your fixed interest rate for a specified period of years. During that period your interest rate will not change.
  • At least two months before the end of the fixed interest rate period we will contact you in writing and let you know the new interest rate and the new fixed interest rate period. You can then decide whether to accept the new interest rate and fixed period or accept an offer for an extended or reduced fixed period with the applicable interest rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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