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SCAM notice

| 10.08.2020

Dear clients,

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have detected fraudulent conduct aimed at obtaining your sensitive personal and banking information.

An attacker pretends to be a trustworthy company or official institution, informing you that your computer is closed. It often makes you feel urgent and tries to raise concerns that you are attacking government or public institutions through your computer, e.g. hospitals. It most often asks its victims for payment for antivirus, credit card information, or assistance in installing malicious software on their computers.

Technically, this fraud is called SCAM and can endanger you through e-mail communication, SMS messages or phone calls.

Warning: We encourage you to exercise caution and not provide anyone with your sensitive personal and banking information in e-mail or telephone conversations, click on suspicious links, or install antivirus or other software on your computer from people you can't verify. feedback is not possible.

We are currently recording an increased incidence of fraudulent conduct via telephone calls.

How do you recognize that this is fraudulent:

  • it is not possible to identify the person or call back
  • speaks bad Slovak or foreign language (Czech, English)
  • the person does not know who he is talking to, he cannot address you by name
  • the person does not know the detailed information about your computer, even though they claim to be infected with a virus
  • puts a lot of pressure on the solution, accuses you of attacking government and other institutions, such as hospital
  • tries to install specific software or allow attackers to log on to your computer
  • for virus removal and protection settings, they require the entry of a card transaction or the publication of card data
  • the goal is to obtain credit card information or complete control over your computer if you allow the required software to be installed

What to do if you have been the victim of an attack:

  • If you have reported the card details, contact the DIALOG Live customer line at *1100, the bank will block your card.
  • If you have disclosed your personal information, contact the police.

If you have installed the software, contact an official reputable company in your area who can remove the software and reveal which parts of your computer have been infected or destroyed, which computer protection has been removed, and so on. At the same time, contact the bank that will issue you a new payment card, a new password to Internet bankingTB and set up a new login to Internet bankingTB.

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