Vishing attack

| 07.05.2021

Dear clients,

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have recorded fraudulent conduct called vishing.

Vishing is a way of obtaining sensitive banking information over the phone. The attacker's goal is to create a sense of trust in his victim, for which he also uses a technical solution that allows him to copy the telephone number of a bank or other financial service when contacting clients.

The telephone number of the DIALOG Live contact center can thus be displayed on the mobile phone display, while there is a fraudster on the other side of the line.

Important notice:

The bank never asks for sensitive personal and banking information in a telephone conversation.

Never share this sensitive information with a third party, even if you present yourself as a bank employee:

  • payment card number, CVV code and validity from the payment card
  • PID of the client together with the password to Internet banking
  • codes from the Card and the Reader for reactivation of banking applications by the calling person, or checking the functionality of banking applications

If you encounter this type of fraud, please contact us at or contact DIALOG Live immediately.

Thank you for your caution.

Yours sincerely

Tatra banka

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