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Vishing attack

| 19.06.2021

Dear clients,

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that as part of the monitoring of phishing attacks in the banking sector, we recorded fraudulent conduct, the so-called vishing.

Vishing is a way of obtaining sensitive banking information over the phone. The attacker's goal is to create a sense of trust and urgency in his victim.

Currently, the attacker pretends to be a criminal police and is trying to obtain confidential information from the client regarding his account and login details for electronic banking.

In order to act in a trustworthy manner, the fraudster will make connections to other persons who will introduce themselves to the client as a Tatra banka call center. In fact, there are cooperating attackers who are definitely not our employees.

Important Notice:

Neither the bank nor the police ever ask for sensitive personal and banking information in a telephone conversation. Always enter the DIALOG Live phone number into your mobile phone yourself, never let yourself be connected by other entities.

If you encounter this type of fraud, please contact us at digitalnabezpecnost@tatrabanka.sk or contact DIALOG Live immediately.

Thank you for your caution.

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