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Tatra banka

18.6.2018 11:48

Internet bankingTB

The fastest access to our bank with new functionalities

  • adjustable dashboard
  • management of credit and debit cards
  • balance of Assets and liabilities, Goals




Internet bankingTB

Internet bankingTB brings you an exclusive design, intuitive control and new functionalities for simpler working with your finances.


Comfortable account access

  • simple access to accounts without the necessity of visiting a branch 
  • possibility of use from the comfort of your home or any place in the world 
  • accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • saves money for charges compared to transactions made at a branch
  • numerous functionalities for maintenance of your funds

New functionalities

Adjustable dashboard
Adjust the introductory page after logging in Internet bankingTB (dashboard) according to your preferences:

  • you can choose from 16 different widgets to create your own overview according to which information and products are most important for you (account, credit card, loan, DDS, TAM Funds, table of exchange rates, Spending report and Tips and News)
  • you can see a product detail by clicking on a product widget
  • icons serve for adding widgets, move or change their order

Online management of credit and debit cards
Use free and online possibility of maintenance of your debit and credit payment cards. Internet bankingTB provides you with detail information about your payment cards and payment card transactions.
You can also set:

  • the payment card limit
  • allow and forbid continents for payment card use
  • payment card blocking if necessary

More information is available here.

Balance of assets and liabilities
Balance of assets and liabilities provides you with an overview of your assets (deposits and investments) and also liabilities towards the bank. The comprehensive overview is available by adding own assets or liabilities outside Tatra banka, all of this in a transparent graphic layout.



The most favourite means for making payments. More than 97 % of all payments with Tatra banka are executed electronically.


  • display of balances and product development in diagrams
  • simple creation and maintenance of Templates for domestic payments 
  • function of Fast Payment using created templates 
  • confirmation of several payment orders, domestic and foreign, by one code generated by the application ČítačkaTB or Card and ReaderTB
  • possibility to speed up entering further payments in terms of bulk payment order by means of the option Order Copy 
  • simpler maintenance of Pre-defined Beneficiaries 
  • export also to pdf and csy formats 
  • possibility to activate the application ČítačkaTB 
  • payment of credit card
  • balance of assets and liabilities
  • entering limitless payments with the control of signature specimen, signing payments by two signatures, simplification of import of bulk payments 
  • statements for accounting
  • monthly statement in PDF
  • document box 
  • possibility of pairing mobile facilities with Tatra banka application upon theft
  • online management of credit and debit cards
  • current account balance 
  • account transactions for a selected period of time 
  • domestic, foreign and batch payment order
  • standing order and collection
  • possibility of creating a directory of most frequently used payment beneficiaries 
  • receiving e-mails or text messages about account balance
  • information about selected types of loans
  • current information about credit cards 
  • possibility to invest via i:invest service
  • saving by means of deposits in EUR currency - i:deposit
  • possibility to export account transactions in .txt and .xml format

Use functionalities for entrepreneurs:

  • ask for Internet bankingTB active without limit for a selected account at any Tatra banka branch 
  • set the ČítačkaTB or Card and ReaderTB application to confirm payment orders 
  • define signature authorisations for the account at a Tatra banka branch and this way you get the possibility:
    • to enter limitless payments with a control of account authorisations
    • to sign payments with two signatures
    • to import batch payments and generate statements for your accounting

If you are interested only in the statement for accounting, limitless access via Internet bankingTB is not required. Statements for accounting can be used by all Internet bankingTB clients.


Payment limits

Payment limits

Payment limits through Internet BankingTB:

  • no additional authorisation of payments: EUR 3,000 per billing day and EUR 30,000 per month
  • additional authorisation by the Card and ReaderTB: EUR 30,000 per billing day and EUR 300,000 per month
  • limitless payments for entrepreneurs (activation at a branch after account signature specimen verification)

Limits valid for entering standing payment orders regardless of the specified additional authorization:

  • limit EUR 3,000/ date of the first payment along with a specified payment date


Get a perfect overview of your funds!

Do you have an idea about how much you spend and what for? How much did you spend for your household, car, telephone or pastime? If you want to know it, look at Spending reportTB which allows you a detailed view of your past expenses. 

What is your financial balance? Find it out in the overview of Assets and liabilities in Internet BankingTB. Add your own assets and liabilities outside Tatra banka and get a complete overview of the status of your funds and assets.

Spending reportTB

Spending reportTB is a simple and transparent tool which allows you to monitor your income and expenses and thus better manage your personal funds SpendingreportTB is automatically available for current accounts with Tatra PersonalTB service package and main credit cards.


  • Overview of your income and expenses in current account and credit card since the beginning of 2012 
  • Automatic classification of expenses into 14 predefined categories (e.g. Supermarket, Home Costs, Car, Loans)
  • Display of details about income and expenses – place and name of vendor with card payments, number of account and payment identifiers for payment orders 

Donut chart

The interactive graph displays all categories in which you had expenses in the selected month and the percentage share in the entire monthly expenses. You can set a monthly budget for individual categories. Your expenses will display by clicking on a specific category. 

Spending Report

Spending reportTB allows you to create new categories and rules for automatic classification of expenses and move uncategorised expenses to the selected category


In this section you can view different types of overviews for income and expenses for a longer period (months, quarters and years) in form of charts and graphs. Overviews of expenses can be displayed also by individual categories. You can now print out or export different graphs and overviews. 


Balance of assets and liabilities

Balance of assets and liabilities transparently displays the entire assets and liabilities you have with Tatra banka with various graphic layout options.Moreover, balance of assets and liabilities offers
a possibility of registration of financial products outside Tatra banka or eventually other assets and liabilities whereby you get a better overview of your overall financial standing. 

Balance of assets and liabilities

Individual Assets and Liabilities graphs and chart can be printed out easily. 

Goals in Internet bankingTB


The “Goals” functionality allows you to set both short-term and long-term goals. Select from the offer of goals or create your own. We will help you to estimate the target sum and specify the amount of monthly savings according to the intended goal completion day. You will add your products in Tatra banka, in other bank or any other product or assets to your goal. Afterwards you can monitor how you manage to complete your goals in time. If you do not save according to your plans, we will inform you about it. Goals can be displayed in form of a list or on a time axis. You can specify those goals which are important for you and they will always be displayed on top of the list.

Goals MaFIN

Goals which are important for you can also be added to your dashboard to see them every time you sign in to your Internet bankingTB.

Payment card management

Payment card management

Management of debit and credit cards offers a possibility to select continents where you wish to have allowed payments via payment terminals and ATM cash withdrawals. At the same time you can manage credit and debit card limits or block payment cards if necessary. 

Limit management

You can manage the following limits with regard to your authorisations and standard scope assigned to the card type:

  • debit card limits: maximum daily limit, cash and online limit,
  • credit card limits: cash and online limit.
Management of credit cards  Management of debet cards 


With regard to your authorisations you can manage continents where you will be allowed to make POS payments and ATM cash withdrawals and thereby easily protect your card against potential skimming and misuse in countries you do not regularly travel to. 

Management of debit card allow and forbit continets


You can quickly block your card and thus prevent unwanted card use if necessary (card theft/loss).