Internet Banking login Internet Banking login

Internet BankingTB Login

Log in to the redesigned and professionally appreciated Internet BankingTB service with the ČítačkaTB app or Card and ReaderTB

For full use of Internet BankingTB you need the following login instruments:

  • PID code – numerical code provided by the bank,
  • password – password provided by the bank, which can be changed after login,
  • Card and ReaderTB – a form of IAAP (identification, authentication and authorization instruments) based on generating a dynamic numerical code by using a chip payment card with CAP/DPA functionality and a chip card reader.

The bank has the right to block the IAAP after a defined number of failed login attempts. The bank may also change the IAAP activation method to activation at a branch for clients who fail to activate their IAAP for more than a year through the DIALOG Live service.

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