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Tatra banka

26.5.2018 10:16

Application Tatra banka

Download the most awarded bank application

Download for Android  Download for Iphone

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Download the latest version of application for Android and iOS where you find new functionalities:

  • Display of the PIN code for payment card
  • B-mail for credit card - warning of the chosen limit exceedance or the maturity of credit card
  • On-line opening of the current account Tatra PersonalTB for clients without account and non clients
  • Minor improvements to increase users‘ satisfaction

Download the new version of Tatra banka Win 10 application which support smartphones, tablets, PC and notebooks. New version 2.2 containsPayment recipients

  • Debit cards
  • Saving Pension
  • Forward Payments
  • SEPA direct debits
  • Push notification
  • Currency calculator
  • News

Payment card management
Payment card management

Set debit and payment card limits according to your needs and allow card utilisation only for selected continents. For instance, if you travel only in Europe, you can deactivate the payment card utilisation on other continents for higher security.

Optimisation for smart watch
Optimisation for smart watch

Check your current account balance and last transactions via Apple Watch or smart watch with Android Wear operating system. Just pair the watch with your smartphone (available for iOS operating system, version 8.2 and higher and Android, version 4.3 and higher).

NFC overviewTB
NFC overviewTB

Place your payment card to your Android smartphone with the turned on NFC and see your account balance and 10 latest transactions. There is no need to log into the Tatra banka application. Just have your smartphone unlocked.

Spending reportTB
Spending reportTB
Have a better overview of your funds thanks to Spending reportTB. Monitor your incomes and expenses, create organised categories and set separate limits for each.

Basic Information

Basic Information

Application benefits

  • simple logging in with PIN code
  • account and credit card balance and transactions
  • simple payment entering
  • ATM cash withdrawal without use of payment card
  • possibility to categorise expenses

How to activate application

The application usage requires having the active Internet bankingTB service from Tatra banka and active online access via WiFi or data services provided by your mobile operator.

To activate Tatra banka application it is required to know the data for signing into Internet bankingTB and to have a Card and ReaderTB tool. Utilisation of Card and ReaderTB is a one-time process. Upon signing into the application only a 4-digit PIN code defined upon the activation will be required. The application needs to be activated even if you download it into a new tool.

Download the actual version of Tatra banka application

List of functionalities

Accounts –  information about the current account balance and transactions, searching through transactions according to various criteria available even several years backwards, maintenance of optional overdraft, information about transactions can be exported and sent to any e-mail if necessary. Possibility to open first account for client or non client.

Credit cards –  credit card balance and transactions, possibility of fast remittance of sum due, calendar of nearest closures and maturity dates, possibility of transferring money from the credit card to any account in the SR, card activation and maintenance of credit card limits with a possibility of setting optional continents or card blocking, show PIN code to payment card.

Debit cards – debit card information, transactions and limit maintenance with a possibility of setting optional continents or card blocking, show PIN code to payment card.

Loans – basic information regarding non-specific consumer loan, mortgage loan or home equity loan.

Supplementary pension saving – overview of contributions, overall saved sum and other information about supplementary pension saving, possibility to increase the contribution.

Mutual Funds TAM  – overview of investments in mutual funds.

Mailbox for mail and documents – important information (e.g. on non-executed payment) and documents with automatically sent notification of document receipt.

Payments – payment orders up to EUR 3,000 within SEPA countries with a possibility of making a payment also by repeating the account transaction or using a pre-set payment template. The application allows creation and maintenance of predefined beneficiaries and waiting payments.

Standing orders – comprehensive maintenance of standing orders within SEPA countries.

Scanner of money orders and invoices scanning of bar codes, QR codes with payment information and account numbers in IBAN format (correct functioning of the scanner requires having a mobile device with auto focus and permitted authorisations for Tatra banka application for camera). QR code with payment information can also be selected from the gallery of your mobile device.

Assets and liabilities
– will give you an overview of your assets (deposits / deposits and investments) as well as liabilities. A comprehensive overview can see by adding of your own property or liability beyond Tatra banka.

SEPA direct debits
– a complete overview of SEPA direct debits on your accounts

Table of exchange rates including currency calculator – currently applicable table of foreign exchange rates, history of exchange rates and currency calculator.

List of branches and ATMs – list and map of Tatra banka branches and ATMs including a possibility of navigation or obtaining more detailed information about the selected branch or ATM (full utilisation of this functionality requires permission of access to location on a mobile device).

Demo – all application functionalities in DEMO mode without signing in.

News – overview of important information from bank.
Optimisation for smart watch – display of current account balance and list of latest transactions, including notifications.

NFC overviewTB – check-up of balance and 10 latest transactions after placing the card to NFC smartphone (only for Android).

Spending reportTB –  monitoring of  incomes and expenses, creation of organised categories and setting their budget, split and own description of the transaction.

ATM cash withdrawal with mobile – possibility to generate a one-time code for ATM cash withdrawal.

Contacts – Contacting the bank (by telephone/ e-mail) directly from the application.

Goals – setting and administration of financial goals. The goal can be associated with products from Tatra banka, another bank or any other product or property, and then you can watch as you're achieving your goals over time.

Contract  documentation – overview of selected contract documentation.

B-mail service - setup of the sending of messages about the account or credit card movements

ATM cash withdrawal with mobile

ATM cash withdrawal with mobile


  • Increasing onetime and daily limit for ATM withdrawal via mobile from 200 EUR to 500 EUR
  • Possibility to withdraw via mobile also for owners of Tatra BusinessTB and Tatra CorporateTB account

Withdraw cash from Tatra banka ATMs simply with your mobile.It is enough if you own at least one current account with Tatra PersonalTB, Tatra BusinessTB or Tatra CorporateTB service package. Onetime and daily limit is EUR 500.


  • Cash withdrawal can be made on your way to an ATM, this way you spend only a few seconds at the ATM.
  • No need to carry your wallet. From now on you pay and withdraw cash with your mobile with a single application and you can withdraw cash from several accounts.
  • You will not forget your mobile like a payment card in an ATM.
  • You eliminate the risk of skimming (copying of payment card data).
  • You can add a note which displays in Internet bankingTB in transaction detail.

A withdrawal code is generated randomly, i.e. it can not be predicted. It is always unique and its validity is limited by time – starting with generation in the mobile application to its selection or cancellation, which lasts not more than 20 minutes. ATMs are protected by time locker compared to random “guessing” of codes.



Basic security rules:

  • Do not reveal your Internet bankingTB or Tatra banka application logging data - PID, password, PIN code for application or payment card must always be kept secret.
  • Do not use simple passwords. Avoid simple sequence of numbers with PIN codes (for instance 1234, 0000). Do not use the same password for mobile banking you use for your mobile, for instance.
  • Do not respond to e-mail requests for change of your mobile or internet banking passwords.
    The bank never asks its clients to change their password via e-mail or telephone.  
  • Always log out from the secured application zone.
  • Use only secured WiFi network connections or connections through data services provided by mobile operators.
  • If you do not use your smartphone any more or you lose it, deactivate Tatra banka application immediately. You can do so via Internet bankingTB, our DIALOG Live contact centre or at any branch.
  • Pay attention to your smartphone security. Install an antivirus and anti-spyware programme, regularly update your operating system version and Tatra banka application and set automatic smartphone locking.
  • Download and install only applications from an official application store (WP Store, Google Play, App Store).
  • Do not use mobile banking on a device with “jail-break“/“root“.

How to increase security of your money with Tatra banka application:

  • Set payment card limits according to your needs. If your limit is unnecessarily high, decrease it. If you do not use your card for online purchases, set the online limit to EUR 0.
  • Permit only necessary continents. If you only travel in Europe, deactivate your payment card usage on other continents.
  • Minimise the risk of card skimming thanks ATM cash withdrawal.

Application security:

  • Communication between device and bank is encrypted.
  • All confidential information are verified only on the server. The application does not contain information which would allow the potential attacker re-code the 4-digit PIN code.
  • The application is unpaired after 3 incorrectly entered PIN codes.


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