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Tatra banka

22.4.2018 10:59

Consumer loanTB

Take a Consumer loanTB from Tatra banka

  • with the interest rate from 5.9 % p.a.
    without additional conditions
  • you can use the money for any purpose
  • the loan will be approved as early as by 24 hours




No need to provide a proof of the purpose of loan utilisation

No need to provide a proof of the purpose
of loan utilisation

You can use the loan money for anything
you need at the moment and you do not need
to provide a proof of purpose of money utilisation.

Interest rate from 5.9 % p.a.

Interest rate from 5.9 % p.a.
The interest rate is fixed during the entire loan maturity period.


Tatra banka clients can be provided the
non-specific loan 24/7.

No waiting even for new clients

No waiting even for new clients
The result of the approval process within 24 hours after submission of the application. The money is available instantly after signing the contract.

Loan insurance

Loan insurance
With insurance of your ability to repay the loan you get certainty of being able to repay the loan even in an unexpected life situation.

With a possibility of getting a credit card

With a possibility of getting a credit card
You can get a credit card with remitted card charge for 12 months with the provided loan from our bank.
Representative example



Get a Consumer loanTB:

  • from EUR 500 up to EUR 30,000
  • for a period of 12 to 96 months
  • with interest rate from 5.9 % per annum
  • 1. installment of the loan paid by Tatra banka
  • loan charge of 2 % from the amount of the provided loan, max. EUR 300
  • without co-borrower and guarantor

Possibilities where to get loan

Visit any Tatra banka branch and our employees will gladly help you.

Internet bankingTB and Tatra banka mobile application
If you are a Tatra banka client and have a pre-approved loan limit – you will get the loan in the comfort of your home 24/7 via Internet bankingTB or Tatra banka application.

Dialog Live
If you have a current account maintained with Tatra banka, you can apply for the loan also online via Dialog Live and you will get everything done by telephone. You can sign contracts at a branch, via a courier, or you can accept them electronically in your Internet bankingTB.



Conditions to get Consumer loanTB:

  • permanent residence in the territory of the SR
  • Minimum age of 18 on the day of application submission
  • Employee – you prove solvency and duration of your employment for the minimum period of 3 month, we verify your income in the Social Insurance Company
  • Individual client – entrepreneur – you prove the existence of your licence for business in the SR for the minimum period of 2 years and solvency on basis of the confirmation of income from business activities for the last year authenticated by the respective authorities.
  • Pensioner – we verify your income in the Social Insurance Company (applicable for old age pension, disability pension and widow´s pension) or you prove your income on basis of the confirmation of receiving pension benefits (applicable for pension for life in service)
Loan insurance

Loan insurance

Insurance of the ability to repay Consumer loanTB repayment provides you with a certainty that you are able to repay your loan even in an unexpected life situation:

  • Insurance company takes over the loan repayment in case of disability, incapacity to work, loss of employment
  • Insurance company covers the loan balance in case of death
  • Loan can be processed at any Tatra banka branch office
insurance typeinsurance risks  initial age maximum age at the endmonthly premium* 
 A Insurance of:
- death
- full disability (until the age of 62) 
18 - 60 years  66 years   1.9%
 A1 Insurance of death   61 - 65 years  70 years  2.1% 
 C Insurance of:
- death
- full disability
- inability to work
- loss of job 
 18 - 60 years 62 years  6.4% 

*the insurance premium quoted as a percentage of a loan instalment

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

You do not pay your first installment, because Tatra banka will pay it for you. In the first month, we only charge you for insurance, if the credit insurance has been arranged. In case of partial or total early repayment of the loan for the first 24 months after  the loan is granted, you are required to pay also the first installment.

The funds are sent immediately to the arranged client´s account after the loan contract is closed.

The loan can be repaid earlier at any time. If the sum of the residual principal is up to EUR 10,000 the bank applies no charges for the early loan repayment.
If the sum of the residual principal exceeds EUR 10,000, the costs for early loan repayment must not exceed 1 % from the early repaid loan sum under the Act on Consumer Loans.

An APR is the annual percentage rate, i.e. total costs of the consumer connected with the consumer loan expressed as the annual percentage from the total amount of the consumer loan.
If you compare the APR with different consumer loans you can easily determine which loan is more suitable for you. The lower the APR, the cheaper the loan.

You can choose the day when the payment will be made for instance according to your payday.

Your ID card is a sufficient document for submitting the loan application.

Calculate a loan according to your preferences.