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Consumer loanTB

Get Consumer loanTB and shorten your loan repayments with Extra installments.

Now with a 100 % discount on the loan fee, if you do not currently have a consumer loan at Tatra banka.

Are you repaying loans at other banks?
Transfer your loan to Tatra banka and we will reward you with  up to 100 EUR for every 5 000 EUR transferred and regular repayment.

You can arrange online even without a Tatra bank account

Arrange it online even without a Tatra bank account

Possibility of early loan repayment

Make selected loan changes online

Where to apply for the Consumer loanTB

Get the loan you want quickly and easily. We will lend you up to 30 000 EUR.

Web page

Calculate the repayment and apply for a loan in a few clicks.
Even without a Tatra banka account.

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Open an account and apply for a loan on your mobile.

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Calculate the loan amount and the monthly payment

Our online calculator with advanced options will help you. The more data you enter, the more accurate the loan calculation you will get.

Using the calculator does not commit you to anything or subject you to inquiries to credit registers.


Income data

Select the type of income *
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Monthly net income (EUR) *
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Monthly net income must be at least 350 EUR

Spending data

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*Marked fields are mandatory.

Loan offer

Use the maximum loan amount or create an offer according to your own notions.

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Own choice

Monthly payment

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Loan amount

amount from 500 to 30 000

Repayment period

from 12 to 96 months
Interest rate -- % p. a.
APR -- %
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The listed offers are only informative. ​
For a binding offer, click "I want this offer" and continue to Internet bankingTB.

Loan offer

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To create a tailor-made offer, use our telephone services or visit us in a branch.


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Leave us your contact and we will call you.

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choose one of the options above

Your average monthly income including bonuses for the last 12 months. The amount of income does not include travel reimbursements, emergency allowances and other income from which contributions are not paid.

Calculate the monthly repayments of all your loans, such as a mortgage, consumer loan or lease.

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Are you interested in refinancing or consolidating your loans from other banks?
See the advantageous conditions and parameters of the Refinancing loanTB.

Discounted Loan for blue planetTB

Do you want to get lower interest rate on the Consumer loanTB?

We will contribute to your loan if you show us that you have used the money from the Consumer loanTB to buy one of these sustainable products:

×Energy modernization of the house

Energy modernization of housing

  • Insulation of the facade and roof of a family house
  • Energy-saving windows and doors
  • Recovery
  • LED lighting
  • Air condition
  • Biomass boiler
  • Smart home solution
  • Household appliances of energy class A and B (fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, TV, cooking appliances)
×Devices producing energy and heat from renewable sources

Devices producing energy and heat from renewable sources

  • Photovoltaic panels, wind turbines
  • Solar collectors
  • Heat pump
×Ecological transport

Ecological transport

  • Bicycle, electric bicycle, electric scooter, e-scooter
  • Electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid - light commercial vehicles M1, N1 with low and zero CO2 emissions (i.e. up to 75g CO2/km); new and used
  • Electric charging stations
×Energy certificate for the application for the contribution of the Reconstruction Plan

Energy certificate for the application for the contribution of the Reconstruction Plan


Funding of the initial costs associated with the application for a contribution under the funding from the Recovery Plan

  • Energy certificate, or
  • Project energy assessment 

The documents are used to quantify savings in primary energy consumption, while the condition of Call no. 4 is its reduction by 30 %.

Max. the amount of the loan to finance the costs associated with the preparation of the necessary documentation is 1 500 EUR.

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A preferential loan for house renovation with a state contribution from the Slovak Republic's Reconstruction Plan

Are you considering renovating an older house to reduce its energy consumption?
Use the state grant from the OBNOV DOM program, which will help you reimburse part of the renovation costs.

Online applications for Special Call No. 5 can be submitted from December 1, 2023 until the end of July 2024.

You can receive a state allowance:

  • for the renovation of a family house built before 2013, of which you are the owner or co-owner,
  • if you achieve energy savings of at least 30 % compared to the state before renewal,
  • in the amount of 75 % of eligible expenses spent on reconstruction,
  • only after the reconstruction is completed and the necessary documents have been sent.

You will also be helped with the financing of the renovation of the house with a discounted Consumer loanTB for up to 28 000 EUR. If you submit a concluded contract on the provision of state contribution when applying for a loan (i.e. the Contract on the Provision of Funds to the Mechanism to Support Recovery and Resilience), you will additionally receive:

  • maturity period up to 120 months,
  • rate of 5.99 % p. a. for the entire maturity of the loan,
  • 100 % discount on the loan fee. 

Contact me

See how house renovation works and its financing through a combination of the Consumer loanTB and a state grant from the Restoration Plan.


How will we contribute?

  • we will lower your interest rate down to 5.99 % p. a.
  • you get back 100 % of the loan fee you paid

Read the detailed terms in the Public pledge (available in Slovak).

Terms of acquisition and loan parameters

You have the opportunity to get the Consumer loanTB:

  • in an amount from 500 to 30 000 EUR,
  • for the period from 12 to 96 months,
  • with a fixed interest rate from 6.49 % p. a. (representative example),
  • with a fee of 2 % of the loan amount, up to 300 EUR,
  • without co-borrower and guarantor.


  • age from 18 to 65 years
  • regular income (we can verify most incomes automatically and without documentation)
  • identity document

Check out our guide to a consumer loan so you know what to expect.

You can use the consumer loan for anything

Frequently asked questions

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Do you need help with your loan?

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  • Public pledge valid until 03. 04. 2023 (available in Slovak)
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