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Phishing attack

| 21.10.2022

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that we have noticed an increase in the so-called fraudulent activity. phishing.
Phishing is a method of obtaining sensitive bank information via email or SMS message.

The fraudulent e-mail gives the impression that the sender is Tatra banka. It contains a link to a fraudulent website and, under various pretexts, requires clients to enter personal and identification data (name, surname, telephone number, PID and password to Internet bankingTB, payment card number and CVV code, etc.).

How to recognize a fraudulent site:

  • the text of the e-mail is in a language other than Slovak, contains grammatical errors or typos,
  • the name of the fraudulent website is different from the official name of the bank,
  • the https symbol is missing in the address field of the browser,
  • green or yellow lock is not displayed,
  • the page is graphically imperfect, it looks like it has not been loaded properly.

Important notice:

The bank never asks for sensitive personal and banking information via SMS or e-mail and the attached link.

Never share this sensitive data with a third party, even if it appears to be a bank:

  • payment card number, CVV code and validity from the payment card,
  • The client's PID together with the Internet banking password,
  • codes from the Card and Reader for solutions to various non-standard situations.

Do not reply to the email or click on its attachments or links.

In the event that you encounter this type of fraudulent activity, please contact us at the e-mail address digitalnabezpecnost@tatrabanka.sk or immediately contact DIALOG Live at the number *1100.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Tatra banka 

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