Offer of funds

The aim of saving in III. pillar is building enough savings for your better life in retirement. Your contributions are appreciated by investing in funds in order to achieve long-term attractive returns.

A comfortable way to a better pension


DDS Tatra banky, as the only supplementary pension saving company in Slovakia, uses a unique personalized investment strategy Comfort lifeTB. It adapts and changes according to your age. From the first to the last sent contribution, you can get by with a single fund throughout the entire saving period.

We search for investment opportunities all over the world and can respond flexibly to current trends and developments in financial markets. Thanks to this, you benefit from a wide portfolio, ranging from dynamic assets of the largest international companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, etc., through real estate investments to commodities and bonds.

How does it work?

Comfort lifeTB simply means dynamic investing at the beginning and protecting savings in the final phase of saving.

  • Your fund focuses on the highest possible return in the first years of saving and invests mainly in growth assets such as stocks. At the same time, an appropriately set investment overcomes inflation in the long term and protects your savings from depreciation.
  • As you get older, your investment ratio will automatically begin to shift in favor of more conservative assets. The reason is to protect your savings from unexpected declines in the financial markets in the period before retirement, when the value of your savings is the highest.

Comfort lifeTB vs. competitive funds

A properly chosen fund adapts to your age, so there is no need to change the investment strategy during saving.

Comfort lifeTB funds have an actively managed portfolio that can respond flexibly to global developments.

Automatic shifts at the end of saving protects your savings against financial market downturns.


Selection of funds

Growth assets
Stocks, real estate investments, commodities and others
Conservative assets
Bonds, term accounts and others
40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 years before retirement

For clients born between July1979 and March 1988.

Key information about fund Information about fund

For clients born between December 1970 and June 1979.

Key information about fund Information about fund

For clients born between November 1961 and November 1970.

Key information about fund Information about fund

For clients born in October 1961 and earlier.

Key information about fund Information about fund

Monthly report

Monthly reports contain an overview of the investments in the fund, the historical performance of the fund, the portfolio manager's comment on important events on the financial markets in the given month, and so on. Older reports can be found in the document archive.

How and where do I open III. pillar?

In Tatra banka mobile application* Mobile application
Online via Internet banking* Internet banking
By phone via DIALOG LiveCall me
In person at any branch Nearest branch

*Valid only for Tatra banka clients with an Account for blue planetTB.
Open an account online in a few minutes.

The conclusion of a participation contract with a supplementary pension company is also associated with risk, and the past performance of the supplementary pension fund in its management is not a guarantee of the same performance of the supplementary pension fund in the future. | Dialog: *1100 | Tatra banka a.s.