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The employment environment in Slovakia has long been struggling with a lack of quality labor and a high rate of employee turnover. Forecasts for the next few years confirm this trend, as a small number of cohorts will gradually enter the labor market. The competition between employers to fight for the best in the market and to stabilize the key workforce is likely to intensify.

One of the key competitive advantages of an employer is a package of employee benefits. Pension contribution should be an obvious part of it. DDS is one of the most sought-after financial benefits and at the same time one of the few that provides benefits even after retirement. For you and your company, this means:

  • cost optimization,
  • flexibility and professional service,
  • administrative simplicity and
  • an important competitive advantage.
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Positively motivated employees

An effective tool for motivation and reward

It's up to you, to whom, how much and how you contribute. You determine the remuneration scheme yourself based on your own preference - according to the number of years of service, qualification, job position or other criteria.

Business benefits

  • Savings of up to 25.2 % compared to a salary increase, because you do not pay levy to the Social Insurance Agency from the contributions to the supplementary pension savings.
  • Contributions paid can be included in tax expenses up to 6 % of settled wages and wage compensation.
  • You can also pay contributions from the Social fund.
  • Competitive advantage in recruiting, compensation and workforce retention.
  • Flexible compensation scheme in terms of company policy - based on years of service, qualifications, seniority, etc.
Benefits for corporate finance


Why DDS Tatra banky?

Comfort life hourglass

We are the only ones on the market to offer a personalized Comfort lifeTB investment strategy.

Professional service

Professional and flexible service of DDS Tatra banky representative for you and your employees.

Fee discount

A discount on the fee for your employees to run an Account for blue planetTB

Digital platforms

Tatra banka mobile application and Internet bankingTB for your employees with online access to their savings.

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Basic input information


Costs and savings with DDS compared to a salary increase
with 30 employees and 10 years of provided benefit

Benefit for employees 108 000 108 000
Social security contributions ( % ) 0 27 220
Health contributions (10,0 % ) 10 800 10 800
Total costs for employees 118 800 146 020
Savings on contributions to DDS 27 220
DDS 108 000
SALARY 108 000
SALARY 27 220
DDS 10 800
SALARY 10 800
DDS 118 800
SALARY 146 020
Savings on contributions to DDS 27 220

Cost reduction on paid contributions

118 800
146 020

Cost savings in the case of providing the benefit of DDS contributions compared to the costs associated with a salary increase. The calculator calculates the cost savings when providing a DDS benefit. From the point of view of optimizing the financial costs of the company, providing a DDS contribution is more economical than increasing the salary.

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Easy access, simple solutions

  • The agreement with DDS Tatra banky allows you to change and adjust the amount of contributions based on your own criteria.
  • There is a contact person available to provide you with 100 % support and professional service.
  • The benefits package also includes the possibility of presenting the product to your employees and concluding participation contracts directly in your company.
  • You can also conclude the agreement with DDS Tatra banky by phone or in a Tatra banka branch. The contract to sign will then be delivered to you by courier.
Simple solutions = simple life


How to conclude an employer agreement with DDS Tatra banky?

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3. We look forward to mutual cooperation

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