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Tatra banka

18.6.2018 11:45

PLUS Savings Program

The PLUS Savings Program enables you to save regularly to any
of our mutual funds.

  • regular and long-term investment
  • flexible regular payments
  • wide range of investment strategies
  • no entry charges


Saving Programme PLUS can help you make order in your own funds. Knowing the purpose you want to use your money for in the future will be a matter of course.

Saving Programme PLUS will allow you to set the following saving purposes:

Saving Programme PLUS Benefits

  • long-term saving in the effective and globally popular way
  • Averaging Effect
  • regular monthly payment from any amount
  • no entry and exit charges (after 3 years from the first payment), which allows you higher capitalisation of your funds
  • possibility to flexibly change regular payment by just sending the payment, with no limits and necessity to visit Tatra banka branch office
  • possibility to make extraordinary payment with no limits at any time
  • possibility to set a standing order that allows you automatic and comfortable saving with investing without consuming your precious time

Start building your financial stability and independence.



The sooner the better
Regular investment can significantly help with achieving financial independence and meeting investment goals. Every single euro you put aside today might be multiplied in the future.

Create your financial stability and independence step by step. Use time for your benefit.
Even a lower regular amount of saving maintaining a time lead can bring you more than if you started saving up later with a higher regular payment.

Start saving up today and use the saving and investment potential as effectively as possible.

The example shows benefits of a longer saving period by comparing the sum of deposited and saved money in case of a regular payment of EUR 50 in periods with different saving terms. The calculation of the saved sum is based on the assumptions of the revenue of 5 % p.a. and on regular contributions to saving during the entire saving period and is not a reliable revenue indicator in the future.

The PLUS Savings Program enables you to save regularly to any of our mutual funds.

There is much profit to be made even from downturns
So-called cost averaging is also one of the advantages of regular investment. It represents purchasing shares at various price levels. If the price of a share goes down, you will buy more shares with your regular amount. If the price then reaches the initial level, you will make profit out of it. Also, if the price is too high, you will buy fewer shares. This way the overall saving effectiveness and result increases.



You can open the Plus Savings Program right now in any Tatra banka branch or via your Internet bankingTB.

It's easy. Before starting the saving you only need to choose:

  • mutual fund
  • purpose
  • target sum
  • saving period
  • regular payment
  • day when regular payment will be sent
  • and open a standing order which will send your regular payment to the account of the respective fund.

Open PLUS Savings Program