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Minimum investment and fees

What is the amount of the first investment when investing in mutual funds?

The minimum lump sum investment in a mutual fund is EUR 150. The investment within the Investment SavingsTB (formerly the Savings Program PLUS) is unlimited.

What is the amount of entry fees when investing in mutual funds?

One-time investments and Investment SavingsTB in our mutual funds are not subject to any entry fees.

What is the amount of exit fees for individual mutual funds?

If you remain in the mutual fund for at least 3 years (in the case of Investment SavingsTB), you can redeem (select an investment) without an exit fee. Otherwise, exit fees are applied to the redemption, the amount of which can be found in the key investor information or in more detail in the mutual fund's sales prospectuses.

What is the significance of exit fees for the investor?

Under the influence of events in the financial markets, investors act emotionally and cancel their investment, even after a short time, often with a negative performance. Some investors also incur losses due to speculative, short-term investments in mutual funds. The purpose of the exit fee is to motivate the investor to stay in the mutual fund for at least three years, preferably during the recommended investment horizon (investment period of the fund) and thus prevent possible losses of the client.

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