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Redemption of shares

What is share redemption?

Payment of the investment to the client's current account.

How do I request a redemption?

The redemption (ie the payment of shares) can be carried out by the investor through a branch of Tatra banka or through the Internet bankingTB of Tatra banka (filling in the form "Instruction for redemption").

What is the minimum redemption amount?

Redemination can be carried out at any time in the amount of at least 150 EUR.

How and when is it best to redeem?

Just as it is good to save regularly, you should withdraw money from the investment gradually. Withdrawing all the money from the fund at once would not pay off. Therefore, you should choose your investments gradually.

From which date is the price set for the redemption of shares?

The decisive date for determining the redemption share price is the date of entering the "Redemption Instruction".

When will I know the rate for which I redeem shares?

The price of redeemed shares from the day of the submission of the "Redemination Instruction", for example Monday, is not published until the following day, ie Tuesday. for this reason, it is not possible to calculate the Monday share price on Monday.

How long does it take to pay out funds when redeeming shares?

We pay out the funds from the redemption of shares without undue delay, usually within 1-2 days (to an account in TB within 1 day, when paying out to an account in another bank, it is necessary to count on an interbank transfer for 2 days). An exception to the payment of the investment is the Real Estate Fund. The investment from the Real Estate Fund is paid to the investor in 90 days from the date of submission of the "Redemption Instruction".

Is the redemption of shares subject to withholding tax?

In the event that the net redemption has resulted in a net return (the share price at the time of sale is higher than at the time of purchase, taking into account any entry or exit fees), this income is subject to a withholding tax of 19 %.

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