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Why, for example, is the share price officially announced on Monday only on Tuesday and the shareholder does not know the share price immediately when buying or selling shares on Monday?

Information about courses valid e.g. for Monday, due to the method of valuing assets with emphasis on the protection of shareholders and potential investors, are known only the next day, ie. Tuesday. The assets in the fund are valued on the basis of closing prices on the relevant stock exchange (eg on the NYSE, trading takes place from 3.30 pm to 10 pm).

Which day is decisive for determining the selling price of a unit?

The decisive day for determining the sales price of a unit certificate is the date of the so-called decisive day. The decisive day is the business day on which the company received the Purchase Order and at the same time the investor's funds in the amount of the sale price of the unit certificate are credited to the fund's account.

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