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Disposal of shares

Can I allow another person to dispose of my shares?

It is possible to enable the disposal of shares with another person by filling in the form "Right of Disposition". The form is available at a Tatra banka branch or at a contracted distributor. With this form, the investor authorizes the disposer to perform legal acts related to the shares in his account. Only a person who has reached the age of 18 can become a disposer. The identity of the investor must be verified in the form (officially by a notary or through a branch of Tatra banka or an authorized person at a contractual distributor.).

Who can dispose of shares in the case of a Junior account?

Until the child reaches the age of majority for the child, he acts and handles the unit certificates exclusively by the founder (the child's legal representative). In the proceedings of the founder for a child, his actions are unlimited, with the exception of the transfer of a share certificate, which is conditioned by a court decision.

Can the remitted payment be marked with a variable payer's symbol?

No, funds (including an instruction to purchase shares, payment under the PLUS Savings Program, payment to a Junior account) must be remitted under the variable symbol (birth number) of the investor.

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