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Savings Program PLUS (Investment SavingsTB) and Savings Program

Is it still possible to open the original Savings Program to Mutual FundTB?

Not. Instead of the Savings Program, you can set up the PLUS Savings Program newly renamed to Investment SavingsTB from October 7, 2010, which are not subject to any entry fees. And no exit fees, if at least 3 years have passed since the first payment.

To which Mutual FundsTB can it be possible to set up Investment SavingsTB?

Investment SavingsTB can be set up in all Mutual FundsTB that are currently on offer of funds (according to the client's segment).

What are the entry fees for investing in Mutual FundsTB through Investment SavingsTB and the previously opened Savings Program?

There are no entry fees for regular investments within Investment SavingsTB. Payments under the previously opened Savings Scheme are still subject to entry fees.

What are the exit fees for the Investment SavingsTB and Savings Program?

In the event that at least 3 years have elapsed since the first payment within the Investment SavingsTB, no exit fees apply to the redemption of the shares thus acquired. Otherwise, the amount of exit fees represents 3%, 2% and 1% (% less after each year) of the redeemed amount. No exit fees apply to the redemption of Shares acquired through the original Savings Scheme.

How often are confirmations sent in the case of Investment SavingsTB and the Savings Program?

The investor is sent a confirmation (confirmation) after the first purchase of shares within the Investment SavingsTB and the Savings Program. Twice a year on 30.6. and 31.12. a statement of payments made is sent to the investor.

In the previous month, I paid a payment under Investment SavingsTB in the amount of EUR 15. Can I make a payment of EUR 30 next month?

Within the Investment SavingsTB, you can freely change the amount of your regular payment in the range of EUR 1 to 3,000. Just change the standing order of your Investment SavingsTB. It is possible to request a change in the amount of the regular payment beyond the stated interval at any Tatra banka branch.

In the previous month, I did not make a regular payment in savings through Investment SavingsTB, can I continue to save?

Yes, the omission of the regular payment does not mean the termination of Investment SavingsTB. You can resume payments whenever your financial situation allows.

How do I change the Savings Program to Investment SavingsTB?

To change the Savings Program to Investment SavingsTB, simply open a new Investment SavingsTB in the same fund where you have established the original Savings Program. Additional incoming payments will be credited to your new investment program.

How can I change the amount of the monthly savings payment on the original Savings Program?

To change the amount of the monthly payment under the Savings Program, it is necessary that you visit any branch of Tatra banka and submit a request for its change.

Is it possible to set up TB Investment SavingsTB in all Mutual FundsTB?

You can set up Investment SavingsTB in all Mutual FundsTB (according to the client's segment) that we currently have in our fund offer.

What is the difference between a one-time investment (InvestingTB) and a regular Investment SavingsTB?

One-time investment (InvestingTB) means investing usually higher amounts, at least 150 Euros. From this date, the change in the value of your investment will match the performance of the fund in which you have invested.

Regular investing (Investment SavingsTB) means investing smaller amounts (minimum 1 EURO) at regular intervals, most often monthly. The total value of the money saved is not exactly the same as the fund's performance for the period you are saving. Each installment of Investment SavingsTB is invested at a different share price and therefore each has a different performance. You take advantage of the cost averaging effect. When calculating the total performance of a regular savings on a given day, you must take into account the performance of each Investment SavingsTB payment.

What is cost averaging?

Cost averaging is the averaging of the purchase price of shares in regular Investment SavingsTB. You regularly buy shares at their higher and lower exchange rates. If the price of a fund's share falls, you will buy more shares for the amount invested. Once the share price reaches its original level, your position is better. The advantage, compared to a one-time investment, is that it does not happen to you that you only invest at a high share price, when the possibility of a decrease in the value of the investment is higher.

Can I set up an Investment SavingsTB on a Junior account?

Yes, but only the legal representative can set up Investment SavingsTB for a minor. But who will not see his child's account during the investment.

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