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Procedure for investing in mutual funds

What is an Account?

The first condition for investing in our mutual funds is the opening of an Account. At the request of the investor, the account shall be established and maintained by the depositary. All your investments in our funds (with which you will receive unit certificates of individual funds) will be registered in your Account.

If you are investing for the first time, it is necessary to apply for an account at any point of sale (Tatra banka branch). You can then invest in any fund from our offer. The account can also be opened via the i: invest service in Internet bankingTB

What is a Junior Account?

The account can also be opened for a child. If you are his legal representative (usually a parent), you can apply for the opening of a Junior account at any point of sale (Tatra banka branch). It is then possible to invest in any fund from our offer on behalf of the child. Until the child reaches the age of majority, the investments are managed by the founder; after reaching the age of majority, they become the property of the child.

How to proceed when investing in our mutual funds?

An Open Account is the first condition for investing in our funds. If you do not have an open Account, visit any Tatra banka branch to open one, or open it via Tatra banka's Internet bankingTB.
If you have an Account, you can make an investment in mutual funds by submitting a "Purchase Order":

  1. Investment SavingsTB via the Tatra banka mobile application,
  2. via  Internet bankingTB Tatra banka,
  3. or in person - in the network of Tatra banka branches or through other contractual distributors

Funds (in accordance with the condition of a minimum investment of EUR 150) must be transferred to the fund's account, while the payment must be marked with a variable symbol - the investor's birth number (or ID number for legal entities).

What happens to my investment after I invest it in the fund?

For your invested amount, you acquire unit certificates of this fund in the relevant fund. Their number depends on the fund price, which is valid on the day of the investment. For example, if you invest EUR 1,000 and the fund's price is EUR 0.100000, your investment will result in 10,000 units of that fund (one unit per share).

When will I know the rate at which I am buying shares?

The price of purchased shares from the day of the submission of the "Purchase Order", for example Monday, is not published until the following day, ie Tuesday. In addition to the order, the transfer of funds to the fund's account is necessary for the issue of shares, which are issued on the day when both of the above conditions are met.

You will be informed about the amount of the price at which the shares were purchased as well as the number of acquired shares via confirmation. You will receive it immediately after the investment, to your correspondence address.

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