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7 Investing principlesTB

Investing can often seem difficult to understand. That is why we decided to compile
7 simple principles that will help you invest and your money can grow.

Take advantage of every opportunity to make money

Take a look at the basic investment rule that can help you to get better value for your money.

  Select the right fund

   In the second rule of our 7 Investing principlesTB you will learn
   what is one of the most common investing mistakes.

Invest regularly

Why it make sense to invest regularly?
Find the answer in video.

  Divide your investment over time

   When investing it is important to divide the investment.
   Watch the video to find out how.

Don't panic during downturns

Downturns in financial markets are not unusual,
but you have to prepare for it. See how.

  Take advantage of the downturns

   Downturns do not automatically mean something negative.
   You have to know how to take advantage from them.

Invest for the long-term

If you have decided to invest your money, you need
to be patient and give the investment enough time.

There is also a risk associated with investing in a mutual fund, and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Analyzes prepared with professional care were used in the preparation of information on the expected assessment and the expected risk. As there is risk and uncertainty about future developments, there is no guarantee that expectations and estimates will be achieved and that expected performance will be achieved. The expected return on investment in mutual funds used represents the median realistic estimated return (as well as the optimistic and pessimistic estimated return) by the management company Tatra Asset Management, správ. spol., a.s., on the basis of the expected composition of the selected fund within the balanced strategy and as well as on the basis of the estimated ten-year return of individual asset classes in which the selected fund may invest within the balanced strategy, without taking into account the future tax burden. The optimistic estimated return represents 5 % of the most favorable return estimates and the pessimistic estimated return represents 5 % of the most unfavorable return estimates based on an analysis of 50-year stock and bond market history data weighted by the expected allocation (distribution) of funds to these asset classes. The expected appreciation is after deduction of ongoing charges in terms of key information document of mutual fund within a balanced strategy. The statute, sales prospectus and key information document of mutual fund are available at Tatra banka, a. s. branches in Slovak language.

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