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Premium HarmonicTB

Wherever it pays to invest
The fund is only available for premium clients

Výnos z viacerých zdrojov

Draws revenue from
several strategies
and approaches

Zarábanie na raste

Makes money on growth
trends and actively protects
before declines

Pre úspešných

for successful

Basic information

Fund parameters

Fund size
126,1 mil. € i
Expected annual return
2,4 to 3,4 % i
Minimum investment period
5 years i
Summary risk indicator
2 / 7 i
Entry fee
0 % i
Fund management fee
0,81 % i
Fund creation date

Introduction of the fund

Made for successful. The fund's strategy was originally only available to private banking clients. At any time focused on return.

Part of the fund will be constantly focused on stocks. As a result, the fund will gain the potential to beat inflation. The maximum share of shares in the fund is 40 %.

He is always ready to respond to changes by actively changing his settings depending on the current market situation.

The fund selects assets from the offer of renowned global managers in which it invests. It uses world-class know-how.

Fund performance

The presented performances reflect the past, they do not represent an estimate of future development. They take into account costs and fees that are paid from the fund's assets. Other fees that could be applied to the investment, its transfer or redemption are not included.

Select the fund performance period

Fund performance chart

Fund name Performance i Performance p.a. i
Premium HarmonicTB - % 0 %

Composition of the fund

Fund composition chart i

Description of the fund's strategy

Premium HarmonicTB invests in funds of other renowned world managers. The combination of several strategies, approaches and models increases the potential for higher returns and more stable development of the value of the investment. The share of funds of other managers represents 20 % of the total distribution of the fund. Among them are managers such as BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, Schroder or Fidelity Investments.

The largest investments in the fund

TAM - Dynamický dlhopisový fond 15,7 %
FUT. 10YR EURO-BUND 6% (EUX) 12,5 %
TAM - Q Fund 10,6 %
TAM - Dlhopisový fond 10,6 %
TAM - MA Fund 10,5 %

Also included in the fund

Monthly report (SK)Ikona mesačného reportu | Tatra banka

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Investičný citát

"I don't want a lot of good investments, I want an excellent one."

Philip Arthur Fisher,
american equity investor


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How and where to make lump sum investment in this fund?

The fund is only available for premium clients.


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Investing in a mutual fund is also associated with a risk and the return on mutual fund investments achieved in the past is not a guarantee of future returns. The Statute, Sales Prospectus, and Key Information Document of mutual fund are available at Tatra banka, a. s. branches in Slovak languageAs much as 100 % of the value of assets in a mutual fund can be invested in transferrable securities and money market instruments issued or guaranteed by member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The mutual fund may also invest in units of cash, bond, equity and other open-ended mutual funds. The official name of the mutual fund is: Tatra Asset Management, správ. spol., a. s., Premium Harmonic o.p.f. 

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