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Tatra banka

20.6.2018 13:52

Balanced fundTB

World-class level investment

  • access to funds of the world´s prestigious asset managers
  • constant setup to achieve return
  • wide diversification of assets




Prestigious asset managers

The presence of various asset managers offers wide diversification of investment and synergy of several
management styles and approaches to portfolio management.

Professional selection of managers and funds is realized by sound process using quantitative and
qualitative analysis.

Constant setup to achieve return

Portfolio diversification into single asset classes is held on constant level during the whole
period of investment. The share of equity investments is around 25 %, alternative investments 15 %.
The rest is invested in bonds.

Thanks to stable portfolio, the fund is able to handle market volatility and to profit from ongoing
growth trend.

Wide diversification

Diversification of investment into several asset classes is the key instrument which helps to lower
the risk of the portfolio.



Fund invests into :

  • Money-market,
  • bond,
  • equity,
  • alternative investments, with the aim to achieve return from financial instruments with interest yield,
  • from the movement of equity,
  • bond and alternative investment prices,
  • equity dividends and paid out coupons,

Minimum recommended investment horizon is at least 5 years.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Invest in Balanced fundTB: