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Bond FundTB

Do you want to invest safely? Try the Bond FundTB, which mainly invests in highly-secure government bonds. Return potential and security of bonds are subject to regular monitoring by our professionals.

Biggest bond fund

Biggest Slovak bond fund

Stable return for a successful investment

Stable return

Only bond investments

No investments in stocks

Active bond fund management

Active fund management

Benefits of a bond fund

Invest in bonds

  • LiquidityYour money is available at any time, and after 3 years you can withdraw from the fund without any exit fees.
  • SuccessThe fund has been successfully operating on the market for twenty years and it is the fund with the highest value of assets among bond funds in Slovakia.
  • StabilityThe fund has a significant share of safer government bonds of Eurozone countries, with most of its investments consisting of Slovak bonds. The stability of the fund is further enhanced by the fact that the fund’s assets mainly consist of cash and bond investments.


The fund invests primarily in safer:

  • government bonds,
  • treasury bills,
  • bonds issued by companies with an investment-grade rating,
  • mortgage bonds.
Safe investments in bonds
Our tip:

The recommended investment horizon is at least three years. It is important that you keep this time frame to achieve a return.

How to invest

Bond investments – at a branch or over the phone Dlhopisove investicie – v pobocke alebo online

You can invest in the Bond FundTB:

The minimum amount of a one-time investment is 150 EUR, with the Investment savingsTB product it can be a monthly or extraordinary payment in any amount.

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