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Global Equity FundTB

Global equities have earned more than 140 % over the last 10 years. Make money from the success of world-class businesses.

The fund aims to earn returns from shares of companies from around the world

Return from equities of companies from around the world

Equity investments are made through low-cost ETF funds

Investing in popular ETFs funds

As a result, the fund gains a higher return potential with lower costs

Higher return potential

The Global Equity Fund is an excellent solution especially for regular investments

For long-term goals

Important details

The Global Equity FundTB is intended for a client who wants to achieve a return significantly above the level of inflation over a longer period of time, is looking for a dynamic investment and has experience in investing.

  • The fund invests through ETF funds in more than 2,000 companies from around the world, allowing it to earn returns well above inflation.
  • Best known names of companies in the fund: Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Microsoft, Toyota, Honda, Mastercard, P&G, Nestle.
  • The fund invests in the equities of companies operating in technology, energy, food, transport, pharmacy and many others.
  • A minimum of 95 % of the Fund's assets will always be invested in equties.
  • The recommended minimum investment horizon (investment period in the fund) is 12 years. Compliance is important to achieve the expected return.

Fund characteristics

Your money will be invested in all major stock markets around the world

Equities are the main source of return in financial markets. In the long term, they have the highest return potential.

Investment strategy of the fund for investing in shares of popular ETFs
(Exchange Traded Funds).

Through them, you can earn money from the events of hundreds of companies, hundreds of business stories from the USA, European or developing countries. It is possible that companies from different countries of the world and operating in sectors of the economy, spread the risk.

In addition, investing through ETFs is costly and charges, which are characterized by a higher return on potential investments.

Thanks to the Global Equity FundTB, investing in ETF funds is accessible to everyone, namely with any amount.

How to invest

You can invest in the Global Equity FundTB:

A one-time investment is from 150 EUR, in Investment savingsTB you can save any amount and at any time.

Save time and invest directly via internet banking

Open Investment savingsTB to the Global Equity FundTB today.

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