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American equity fundTB

Make money on American business socially responsible companies

Americké akcie

Make money on American business socially responsible companies

Vysoké výnosy

Dynamic fund
with high return

Dlhodobé ciele

Solution for
filling your
long-term goals

Basic information

Fund parameters

Fund size
132,5 mil. € i
Expected annual return
7,2 to 8,7 % i
Minimum investment period
10 years i
Summary risk indicator
5 / 7 i
Entry fee
0 % i
Fund management fee
1,10 % i
Fund creation date

Introduction of the fund

The fund represents an opportunity to participate in the success of the business of renowned socially responsible American companies. Equity investments generally achieve a higher return in the long run than cash and bond investments.

The fund invests on the American companies making their business activities in compliance with the environmental, social or ethical sustainability criteria.

The fund's focus on various sectors (industry, financial services, energy, technology, communications ...) ensures sufficient diversification.

Fund performance

The presented performances reflect the past, they do not represent an estimate of future development. They take into account costs and fees that are paid from the fund's assets. Other fees that could be applied to the investment, its transfer or redemption are not included.

Select the fund performance period

Fund performance chart

Fund name Performance i Performance p.a. i
American equity fundTB - % 0 %

Composition of the fund

Fund composition chart i

Description of the fund's strategy

This fund will invest to the master fund Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-US-Aktien, which invests in the shares of the socially responsible American companies. By socially responsible investing, you can profit from the business of companies that care about the following areas: ensuring health, mitigating climate change, sustainable energy use, optimizing the use of materials, saving water and other goals

The largest investments in the fund

NVIDIA Corp 4,0 %
Microsoft Corp 3,6 %
Alphabet Inc 3,1 %
Applied Materials Inc 2,5 %
Cisco Systems Inc 2,2 %

Also included in the fund

Monthly report (SK)

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Investičný citát

"I will tell you how to become a rich person. Be careful when others are voracious and be vigilant when others are careful. ”

Warren Buffet,
American billionaire, investor, businessman and philanthropist


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Investing in a mutual fund is also associated with a risk and the return on mutual fund investments achieved in the past is not a guarantee of future returns. The Statute, Sales Prospectus, and Key Information Document of mutual fund are available at Tatra banka, a. s. branches in Slovak language. 85 % or more of the mutual fund's assets are continuously invested in units of the main fund called Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-US-Aktien. The official name of the mutual fund is: Tatra Asset Management, správ. spol., a. s., americký akciový o.p.f. 

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