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Smart FundTB

Choose a unique fund that intelligently reacts to the current market situation. It activates when markets are growing and deactivates when they are falling, ensuring much more effective appreciation of your investments.

Cash investments, investments in real estate, commodities, gold and other key assets

Investments in all key assets on the market

The best fund invests in appreciating assets

The fund only invests in appreciating assets

Low volatility in investment value even when markets are down

At bad times on markets, your portfolio does not fall significantly

Stock component in the portfolio for the best returns to the investment fund

A stock component securing an attractive return

Mutual fund benefits

  • Innovative investment strategyOur improved strategy involves investments in diverse asset classes – considering their risk as well as market timing. Money is thus only invested in the components that are currently appreciating.

Investments in gold, stocks, real estate or commodities via Smart Fund from Tatra banka

  • BenefitGenerally, the value of various classes of assets does not develop evenly. Diversity in portfolio assets is designed to particularly ensure that appreciating assets are represented in the fund at any given moment.
  • Stability This new approach to asset allocation has the potential to achieve higher return for a given level of risk and to limit extreme falls.
  • OpportunityOpportunity is characterized by the diversity of assets from which an investor can profit. An investor can achieve an interesting return by investing in real estate, stocks of emerging countries, commodities, gold, bonds of stable countries, US, European and Pacific stocks as well as foreign currencies.

Investment portfolio details

The fund invests in all key assets on the financial markets:

  • stocks,
  • bonds,
  • cash investments,
  • commodity investments,
  • gold,
  • real estate investments,
  • currencies.
Smart fund – Investments in gold, real estate, commodities, stocks and bonds

However, it only invests in appreciating assets.

If they start to slide, the fund sells them and buys them back when they resume appreciation. In this way, the fund achieves a good return on appreciating assets and limits the extent of any fall. Individual assets are balanced in terms of risk.

The recommended investment horizon is at least four years. It is important that you keep this time frame to achieve a return.

How to invest

You can invest in the Smart FundTB:

The minimum amount of a one-time investment is 150 EUR, with the Investment savingsTB product it can be a monthly or extraordinary payment in any amount.

Invest in the mutual fund at a branch or online

Open Investment savingsTB to the Smart FundTB today.

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