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Dynamic Bond FundTB

Gain more from investing in bonds.

The fund invests in Slovak and foreign bonds

This fund does not invest in stocks

The fund invests in the bonds of Central and Eastern European countries and in non-investment grade corporate bonds

The focus is on Europe, emerging countries and non-investment grade corporate bonds.

A mutual fund with investment protection in safer bonds

Protection of your investment value

In unfavorable periods the fund purchases bonds of developed countries

Investment in the bonds of countries worldwide

Benefits of the Dynamic Bond FundTB

  • Benefits of the Dynamic Bond FundTB
    Investments in bonds generally should represent some proportion of the portfolio of a successful investor. The bond market offers several interesting opportunities to achieve a good return:
    • investments in the bonds of Central and Eastern European countries (including Slovak bonds),
    • investments in emerging countries,
    • non-investment grade corporate bonds.

All these investments are used in the fund to maximize the fund’s returns.

  • Protection of investment and achieved return
    Securing the value of one’s investments is important when stock prices are falling and the value of higher-risk bonds is decreasing. The protection of your investment is ensured by active investment in safer bonds.

In these adverse periods, the fund puts more investment in the eight major bond markets of developed countries.


The Dynamic Bond FundTB invests particularly in the following bond markets:

  • Central and Eastern Europe Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia and Turkey
  • Emerging marketsBrazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa.
  • Non-investment grade corporate bonds United States of America (USA)
Slovak bonds and the bonds of emerging and developed countries
  • Developed countriesGermany, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Italy and France.

The recommended investment horizon is at least 4 years. It is important that you maintain this to achieve a good return.

How to invest

Invest in a mutual bond fund at a branch or via phone

You can invest in the Dynamic Bond FundTB:

The minimum amount of a one-time investment is 150 EUR, with the Investment savingsTB product it can be a monthly or extraordinary payment in any amount.

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