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Dynamic bond fundTB

The fund is no longer on offer for new investments.

The current situation on the financial markets is more favorable for mixed or equity funds from a balanced to dynamic offer of funds.

Výnos z dlhopisov

Make money on
more profitable

Celosvetové dlhopisy

Use the bonds
from around
the world

Investovanie bez akcií

Earn revenue
without investment
to shares

Basic information

Fund parameters

Fund size
182,5 mil. € i
Expected annual return
1,5 to 2,5 % i
Minimum investment period
4 years i
Risk-return profile
3 / 7 i
Entry fee
0 % i
Fund management fee
0,76 % i
Fund creation date

Introduction of the fund

Bond investments are generally an important part of a successful investor's portfolio. Investments in bonds of Central and Eastern European countries, developing countries or non-investment grade corporate bonds are used in the fund to achieve the fund's return.

Securing the value of an investment is important at a time when stock prices are falling and at the same time the price of riskier bonds is falling. Investment protection is realized by actively investing in safer bonds.

In unfavorable periods, the fund invests more significantly in the 8 main bond markets of developed countries.

Fund performance

Select the fund performance period

Fund performance chart

Fund name Performance i Performance p.a. i
Dynamic bond fundTB - % 0 %

Composition of the fund

Fund composition chart i

Description of the fund's strategy

The Fund invests primarily in cash and bond investments in accordance with its risk profile, in order to achieve returns on interest rate financial instruments, movements in bond investment prices, paid-up bond investment coupons and the appreciation of the fund in EUR within the recommended investment horizon.

The largest investments in the fund

US TREASURY 0.125% 31/7/2022 USD 16,9 %
US TREASURY 0.375% 31/3/2022 USD 9,6 %
TB FLOAT1 FRN 26/10/2027 EUR 5,7 %

Country bonds are also represented in the fund

Monthly report (SK)Ikona mesačného reportu

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"Value your savings with time-tested investment principles."

Peter Herman,
portfolio fund manager

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There is also a risk associated with investing in a mutual fund, and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The Articles of Association, sales prospectus and key information for mutual fund investors are available at Tatra banka branches, a. with. in Slovak language. The expected appreciation of the investment in the mutual fund used represents the median realistic estimated return by the management company Tatra Asset Management, správ. spol., a.s., on the basis of the expected composition of the fund and as well as on the basis of the estimated ten-year return of the individual asset classes in which the fund may invest, without taking into account the future tax burden. The expected return is after deduction of interim fees in terms of key information for mutual fund investors. The official name of the mutual fund is: Tatra Asset Management, správ. spol., a. s., Dynamický dlhopisový fond o.p.f. Read the full disclaimer.

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