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Protected fundTB 2026

The fund is no longer on offer for new investments.

Americké akcie

Make money from the business of companies from all over the world

Výnos z dlhopisov

Make money from bond yields

Stabilný vývoj

We will protect the value of your investment

Basic information

Fund parameters

Fund size
29,5 mil. € i
Expected annual return
3 to 5 % i
Minimum investment period
3 years i
Summary risk indicator
2 / 7 i
Entry fee
0 % i
Fund management fee
0,81 % i
Fund creation date

Introduction of the fund

Investments in equities from all over the world can bring interesting returns and significantly outperform inflation. The share of equities is actively managed with regard to protecting 100 % of the value of the initial investment.

The fund mainly invests in safe Slovak government bonds. Bonds from trusted issuers are essential to protect 100 % of the investment value.

Due to the investment strategy of the fund, you can participate in the returns of successful companies, without worrying about the loss of your investment, which we protect as of the end of 3-year period.

Protection period 22/5/2023 – 22/5/2026
Protected unit price 0,100386.

Fund performance

The presented performances reflect the past, they do not represent an estimate of future development. They take into account costs and fees that are paid from the fund's assets. Other fees that could be applied to the investment, its transfer or redemption are not included.

Select the fund performance period

Fund performance chart

Fund name Performance i Performance p.a. i
Protected fundTB2026 - % 0 %


A realistic scenario assumes return over a three-year horizon in the range of 9 % to 16 % (3 % p.a. to 5 % p.a.). This scenario assumes that the equities will not experience significant declines over the next three years and will be in a range from current levels to the most recent previous high in three years. Even if equities did not earn anything over a three-year horizon, the lower bound of the expected return can be reached thanks to the current yield potential of bonds. If the equities add to the growth to a certain extent, the upper limit of this interval can also be realistic.

A pessimistic scenario would occur if we experienced significantly negative development in financial markets in the coming years. If the equities recorded another significant drop of several tens of percent, they would not be able to help the fund with returns, the bond part would protect the value of the investment at the end of the protection period, so the client would not earn anything, but would not lose anything either.

Composition of the fund

Fund composition chart i

Description of the fund's strategy

The goal of the fund's investment strategy is to participate in the growth of equity markets during the protection period, but at the same time to protect the value of the investments from the subscription period against the fall of equity markets. Active management ensures that the fund constantly adapts its composition to the current market situation. This means that when the value of growth assets in financial markets rises, their share in the fund increases in order to achieve an attractive return. If their value decreases, their share is reduced in order to protect the initial value of the investment.

The largest investments in the fund

Dlhopis TB 0% 2026-05-11 EUR 21,9 %
Krytý dlhopis VUB 0,01% 2026-03-24 EUR 19,1 %
Krytý dlhopis SLSP 0,125% 2026-06-12 EUR 19,0 %
Dlhopis SR 4,5% 2026-05-10 EUR 13,0 %
Krytý dlhopis TB 3,375% 2026-01-31 EUR 6,8 %

Also included in the fund

Monthly report (SK)Ikona mesačného reportu | Tatra banka

Want to know more about the fund?
The monthly report will be available in April.

Open a monthly report

Podrobnejšie informácie o fonde

Benefits of investing in the fund 

  • Offers returns from the businesses of companies around the world. Investing in stocks from around the world can generate attractive returns and significantly outperform inflation. The equity allocation is actively rebalanced to protect 100% of the initial investment value.
  • The fund invests primarily in safe Slovak government bonds. Bonds from reputable issuers are essential to protect 100% of the investment value.
  • The fund protects the value of the investment. Thanks to the fund's investment strategy, investors can participate in the profits of successful companies without fear of losing their investment, which the fund protects at the end of the 3-year protection period.

Risks of investing in the fund 

The value of your investment may decrease due to:

  • changes in interest rates (interest rate risk),
  • failure of the counterparty to fulfill its obligations (counterparty risk),
  • other risks - pricing risk, liquidity risk, concentration risk, underlying fund management risk, market gap risk, sustainability risk, political and regulatory risk.
  • The complete risk profile of the fund is available in the fund's prospectus.



Investičný citát

„Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it."

Benjamin Graham,
american economist, investor.



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This is a marketing notice. Before you make any investment decision, see the statute, sales prospectus and key information document of the mutual fund also regulating the protection, which are available at Tatra banka, a.s. branches and at www.tam.sk in the Slovak language. Investing in a mutual fund is also associated with risk, and past returns are not a guarantee of future returns. Up to 100% of the value of the assets in the mutual fund can be invested in transferable securities and money market instruments issued or guaranteed by a member state of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Investments can be made primarily in units of money market, bond, equity and other open mutual funds. The expected performance used represents the median realistic estimated return by the management company Tatra Asset Management, správ. spol., a.s., based on the assumed composition of the fund, as well as on the basis of the estimated ten-year return of individual asset classes in which the fund can invest. The expected return is after deducting ongoing fees in terms of key information for mutual fund investors. Future return is subject to taxation, which depends on the investor's personal situation, which may change in the future. Investing may result in a financial loss, especially if the period during which the unitholder owned the units of the mutual fund is not identical to the reference period, or several successive reference periods.


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